Friday, May 21, 2010

Spring Break Massacre - Review

Spring Break Massacre (2007) **
D: Michael Hoffman
C: Reggie Bannister, Linnea Quigley, Sarah Minnich, Leanne Vanmauelle, Bob Farster

Plot Synopsis: Sorority girls throwing a slumber party in a woodsy cabin find their fun disrupted by the boys and an escaped convict who is out to murder them all.

Review: The people behind Spring Break Massacre have obviously seen The Slumber Party Massacre, Cheerleader Massacre and Sorority House Massacre a number of times.

This ultra low budget slasher homage is filled with all kinds of knowing references to the films that inspired it. The opening sequence is presented in grainy style similar to watching one of these films on either VHS or at an old grindhouse theater. The dialogue is purposely bad. There's a clever scene in which the guys try to discuss what girls do at a slumber party that plays up to the ridiculous T&A aspects of the films that inspired it. You have Bob Farster who hilariously plays one of the creepiest next door neighbors you could imagine. Having a neighbor like Farster, it should be clear that these girls should've gone somewhere else for spring break! 

However, Spring Break Massacre isn't able to maintain that ingenuity from start to finish. After awhile, instead of being that fun homage that it started out as, it turns into a by a numbers slasher in which characters run around, making stupid decisions, getting killed in uninspired ways all before the groan inducing plot twist is revealed!

Spring Break Massacre originally sets out to be a fun, humorous take on Roger Corman's Massacre related titles, but ends as a dull ripoff. [Not Rated] 77 mins.

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