Sunday, September 12, 2010

Writer's Block (1991) - Review

Writer's Block (1991) **
D: Charles Correll
C: Morgan Fairchild, Michael Praed, Mary Ann Pascal, Cheryl Anderson

Plot Synopsis: A novelist, yearning for companionship, meets her dream lover, but it turns out this seemingly perfect suitor is a product of her imagination that has come to life. He's a character from her most recent crime novel- a murderer. 

Review: The world of Morgan Fairchild involves glitz, glamour and sophistication. So the casting of Morgan Fairchild as a sexually unsatisfied mystery novelist makes sense. After all, authors of the past, before the digital era kicked in, were often romanced by the public. We pictured these types of people living in some nice place, lounging about and every once in a while having to get behind a typewriter to do some actual writing. 

Now, does this type of scenario make for a credible movie? Does it make for an intricate thriller which keeps one guessing as to how the pieces of the puzzle are going to fall into place? No, but then again what would one expect of a film starring Morgan Fairchild? 

Writer's Block is a trashy guilty pleasure, at least in tone, but not necessarily in content. The film has one distinct purpose and that is to make love to the great beauty that is Morgan Fairchild. If that's what you're looking for entertainment wise, then this is for you. Others need not apply. [R] 95 minutes.

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