Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Half Moon - Review

Half Moon (2010) *
D: Jason Toler
C: Tori Black, Marek Matousek, Torey D. Sutton

Plot Synopsis: After her latest "John" is token hostage, a hooker finds herself caught up between her no good, two timing pimp and her client who insists he will turn into a werewolf if she doesn't get him some help.

Review: Most of Half Moon's running time is spent in one setting with two characters interacting with one another. These characters happen to be a hooker and a John. The John  is also a werewolf as well. As the hooker, Tori Black has a nice, sincere moment or two. Black and co-star Marek Matousek have some on screen chemistry. However, Half Moon is pretty much one repetitive, dragged out sequence after another of the characters talking! A big problem is, that a lot of the conversation isn't particularly interesting or even engaging. And some parts of the conversation end up contradicting one another. 

This leads to the film's biggest predicament, that it fails to deliver upon some werewolf action. After all, this is supposed to be a werewolf film! By the time a werewolf does appear on screen, it's done and over with so quickly that it feels as though the viewer has been cheated. The film offers no payoff after having to sit through one dull scene after another. 

Now, I'm not against films that want to use a conversation as the centerpiece. After all, Before Sunset & My Dinner with Andre have used this set-up quite effectively. However, when using a conversation as the centerpiece for a film, the conversation has to be relevant or insightful or touch upon something fascinating. The conversation in Half Moon is none of those things. Instead, the conversation feels like something tacked on in order to create a feature length film centered around werewolves. Just one problem, where are the werewolves or (in this case) werewolf?!? [Not Rated] 80 minutes.

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