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Scary Story Slumber Party - Review - @BrandonCSites / #Horror

Scary Story Slumber Party *
D: Jonathan A. Moody, Coven Delacruz, Chris Roll, Myke Wilson, Johnny Johnson
C: Devanny Pinn, Jackey Hall, Sierra Holmes, Heather Dorff, DaNae West, Jay Gates, Diane Sokolowich, Jonathan A. Moody, Jessica Hutson  
P: Horror anthology in which a group of young women decide against a game of truth or dare and instead decide to tell each other scary stories. 

First and foremost with any anthology film, there needs to be a sense of cohesion between the stories being told. For example, in Creepshow 1 & 2 there was an underlying theme of poetic justice and phobias coming to life that made it so that the stories being told were all part of the same film and not just a series of random short films edited together to form a feature length film. 

The biggest problem with Scary Story Slumber Party is that it is all over the place. Some of the stories involve revenge. Some stories involve tall tales and superstitions. Some stories involve unrequited love. Scary Story Slumber Party is just too disjointed and uneven. Some editing and better placement of the film's stories would have certainly helped. 

With an anthology, you need to open up with a story that is going to draw people in. Unlucky Night starring Sierra Holmes, in a compelling performance, is the most intriguing tale of the bunch and would have been better served as the film's opening. Event Invitation involving a soiree that turns into a bloodbath would have made for a more appropriate closing segment as it ties back to the idea of revenge.

Editing, cohesion and story placement issues aside, that still wouldn't resolve all of the film's problems. The wraparound segment feels like a complete and utter throwaway. Some stories just aren't fleshed out enough (Valentine's Prey, Capture & Kill, Imaginary Fiend). Scary Story Slumber Party needed a better overall sense of direction from under developed stories to poor story placement.

There's some ideas there (a male version of Fatal Attraction in Valentine's Prey, a group of killer scavengers in Capture & Kill, etc.), but you have to be able to execute those ideas and to properly stage them when it comes to an anthology. [Not Rated] 77 mins.

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