Friday, December 27, 2013

Crush (2013) - Review - @BrandonCSites

Crush (2013) *1/2
D: Malik Bader
C: Lucas Till, Crystal Reed, Sarah Bolger, Meredith Salenger, Caitriona Balfe, Reid Ewing, Leigh Whannell, Holt McCallany, Camille Guaty

Plot Synopsis: A star athlete becomes the object of obsession for a secret admirer who's willing to do anything, including murder, to eliminate to the competition. 

REVIEW: Fatal Attraction light for the teenage demographic. Crush is one of those films that I can easily imagine a bunch of teenage girls watching while at a slumber party. 

Lucas Till, who plays a star athlete, is dreamy and often shirtless. He's the type of guy that will appeal to teenage girls. Crystal Reed, who plays a loner, in love with Till's character, does the whole angst thing competently. She's an easy target for teenage girls to spit venom at. And there's a few false scares throughout, but nothing terribly suspenseful. I can easily imagine teenage girls getting the giggles during some of these scenes. After all, it's fun to be scared. Ohhhh .....and did I mention? There's a plot twist during the third act, good for an awww moment

Surprisingly, Crush is a well made and well acted film. A lot better made and acted then the genre requires of it. Solid production values aside, horror & thriller aficionados will be bored. The film is too mild mannered in its approach. It's teen audience, on the other, will, at the least, find Crush watchable, but that's because they don't know better. 

They (more and likely) haven't seen better examples of this type of film, such as Fatal Attraction. For those of us, that have, Crush is yet another unimaginative and an unnecessary addition to the genre. It's one of those relentlessly lackluster films that has been watered down for its target audience, the type of PG-13 dreck that fans bemoan about online. [PG-13] 94 mins.

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