Monday, December 9, 2013

Girls Gone Dead - Review - @BrandonCSites / #Horror

Girls Gone Dead (2012) **1/2 
D: Michael Hoffman Jr, Aaron T. Wells 
C: Katie Peterson, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Caley Hayes, Linnea Quigley, Beetlejuice, Shea Stewart, Sal the Stockbroker, Shawn C. Phillips, Krystyna Ahlers, Ron Jeremy, Brandy Whitford, Ryan Keely, Al Sapienza, Bruster Sampson, Janessa Brazil, Joel D. Wynkoop, Nicko McBrain 
P: A group of college aged friends reunite for some wet n' wild times during spring break, but their fun is disrupted by a killer who is out to punish them for their indiscretions. 

Well made, well acted homage to the boobs and blood fueled slashers of the 80's. Girls Gone Dead knows what type of film that it aims to be and sticks to that with razor sharp precision. Elements associated with those films are in abundance here - gratuitous nudity, a bunch of horny kids trying to score, creative death sequences, stupid reasons for people to split up or be alone, lowbrow humor, plenty of drinking & partying, a play on people engaging in amoral behavior and dying as a result of that and the all important reveal of the killer & the final face off between the final girl and the antagonist.  

While Girls Gone Dead is entertaining film, it would have been better served with another round at the editing table. Girls Gone Dead is the kind of film that should clock in at 90 minutes tops, but instead it runs well over a 100 minutes. As a result, the film drags in spots and the momentum & excitement that the film has established lags at times.

Editing & pacing problems aside, Girls Gone Dead captures the spirit of an 80's slasher film. It has the conviction & confidence to be a trashy film and that's exactly what makes it far more entertaining then other films of its kind. [R] 104 mins.

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