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Gutterballs - Review - @BrandonCSites / #Horror / #Slashers

Gutteballs (2008) *1/2
D: Ryan Nicholson
C: Dan Ellis, Nathan Witte, Mihola Terzic, Alastair Gamble, Candice Lewald
P: A killer murders those that participated in the rape of a woman during the middle of a bowling tournament. 

With a bowling alley and the film's retro style, I thought I was in for a good time. I thought I was going to be transported back to the 80's for an entertaining little throwback to the slasher films of yesteryear. Then came an extended rape sequence in which a woman is raped over and over and over again and that's when things stopped being fun.

At the center of just about any horror film, you need a good villain, a villain you love to hate. Part of the suspense comes from whether or not that villain will be able to get away whatever dastardly acts they have committed. In Gutterballs, the villains of the film have spent a lengthy amount of time raping a woman over and over again, that you just plain out hate them. The fact that they are going to be picked off by a killer out for revenge is a foregone conclusion. So the film shoots itself in the foot before its even been able to really take off.

...But then the film's other characters get mixed up in the crossfire of this killer out for revenge. Director Ryan Nicholson shows an equal amount of hate for the film's rapists and the other characters who are just bystanders who happen to be in the same setting as the rapist characters. In one particularly hateful scene, a transsexual character's testicles are cut off. Ugh.

In Gutterballs, the film's murder sequences are extended much like the rape sequence. Eventually, I was tempted to yell at the screen and say We get the point! These scenes are tough to stomach and a chore to sit through. Gutterballs not only seems contemptible of its characters, but for the audience as well for. The word f*ck is uttered over 600 times in the film. Yes, you read right, over 600 times! Nicholson said (paraphrasing) that he wanted to make an unapologetic, no holds barred slasher, but there has got to be a better way to be able to execute that idea then this. [Not Rated] 96 mins.

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