Monday, December 16, 2013

Return to Salem's Lot, A - Review - @BrandonCSites / #Horror

Return to Salem’s Lot, A (1987) ***
D: Larry Cohen
C: Michael Moriarty, Samuel Fuller, Ricky Addison Reed, Andrew Duggan, Evelyn Keyes, June Havoc, Jill Gatsby, Tara Reid, Ronee Blakley
P: A man and his son return to his childhood home of Salem's Lot, but find the place is overran with vampires who want him to write a bible documenting their life. 

What makes a vampire a vampire? Are they afraid of getting HIV at the height of the AIDS pandemic? Do they want to get married and have kids just like most people? Were they willing to drink cow's blood so that they can fit into society? Are vampire ism and the thirst for blood something comparable to alcoholism? Do they think they are generally misunderstood by society in general? This was director Larry Cohen at his peak with his trademark social commentary in full swing. A Return to Salem's Lot could have been a bit more polished. It could have been better made. However, this film has something to say. There’s interesting characters that have interesting things to say. It's different. It's original. It's bold, gutsy entertainment. The horror films being made today could really take a page from this film. [R] 101 mins.

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