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Unmasked Part 25 - Review - @BrandonCSites / #Slashers / #Fridaythe13th

Unmasked Part 25 (1989) **1/2
D: Anders Palm
C: Gregory Cox, Fiona Evans, Edward Brayshaw, Debbie Lee London, Kim Fenton
Plot Synopsis: A hockey masked serial killer, who has been immortalized in film, starts to doubt his murderous ways when he falls in love with a blind woman. 

Review: In case you haven't figured it out, Unmasked Part 25 is a spoof of the seemingly never ending Friday the 13th franchise & of slashers in general. It starts out well enough with us spotting the various caricatures that would pop up in a slasher, seeing which rules they'll break and figuring out how exactly they'll meet their maker. 

The first half not only scores points for its precision on taking on the slasher genre, but for pushing the envelope in its brand of humor, something that I wouldn't dare give away in this review. However, the second half loses momentum as it expands to take on a love story as the mad slasher falls in love with a blind woman.

One question that came to mind was, why did Unmasked Part 25 feel that it needed to take on this plot development? Did they not think that spoofing the slasher genre was a worthy enough endeavor? Trying to spoof love is far more difficult endeavor, because comedy involves finding the humor in human nature. Since love and the emotions that come with it is far more complex vs spotting the cliches in a slasher film, Unmasked Part 25 self sabotages itself.  
During this second half, the laughs become scattershot and various scenes feel like padding in order to achieve feature length running time. Seeing Unmasked Part 25 fall apart in the second half is all the more disappointing considering if it had continued on with the trajectory of the first half, it could've been a potential cult classic, a Scary Movie before there was a Scary Movie if you will. [R] 85 mins.

*Please Note: This review applies to the UNEDITED version entitled The Hand of Death.

AKA: The Hand of Death

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