Thursday, January 23, 2014

Antisocial - Review - @BrandonCSites

Antisocial (2013) *1/2
D: Cody Calahan
C: Michelle Mylett, Cody Ray Thompson, Adam Christie, Ana Alic, Romaine Waite, Ry Barrett 
P: A group of friends throwing a New Year's Eve party have their fun disrupted when a zombie outbreak occurs.

Antisocial paints a portrait of how a social networking website called "The Social Bedroom" (i.e. Facebook) is a virus in of itself and how it is turning the general population into mindless zombies.

Once the film establishes this point, it has nowhere left to go and is stuck repeating the same point over and over and over again. A character logs onto the site. They become a zombie. Someone kills them. The characters argue about what to do. They log onto the internet looking for answers and the cycle repeats itself once again.

In my own personal opinion, I think horror works best when you keep things simple and straight forward, but there is a big difference between simplicity and simplistic. Unfortunately, Antisocial falls into the latter as it over simplifies its story and fails to address the complexities of its message or the situation that the characters have been placed into. [Not Rated] 90 mins.

Antisocial arrives to DVD January 28, 2014 courtesy of Breaking Glass Pictures.

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