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Cheerleader Massacre 2 - Review - @BrandonCSites /#RogerCorman

Cheerleader Massacre 2 (2011) *
D: Brad Rushing
C: Julia Lehman, Michele Boyd, Charles Solomon Jr., Robert Donavan, Jasmine Waltz, Jennifer Titus, Michael Addison 
Plot Synopsis: A group of cheerleaders, gathered at a cheerleading camp for a competition, are murdered one by one by a killer who has access to weapon prototypes developed by the government. 

  • Boobs - check.
  • Gory deaths - check.
  • Laughably bad effects - check
  • Girls exercising in tight cheerleader outfits - check
  • Twist ending - check
  • Characters talking about feminism - check
  • Conspiracy elements involving the big bad government - check

Obviously, the people behind Cheerleader Massacre 2 went to the Roger Corman school of film-making, but they forgot some of the key fundamentals that have made his productions so endearing all these years later. 

They forgot to include scenes of the girls just being girls with one another. They forgot to include scenes of the girls saying stupid girl stuff with one another. They forgot to include scenes of the girls involved in various hijinks. They forget to include scenes of the girls doing anything fun or exciting. They forgot to give the characters any kind of personality or anything that makes it so that we can relate to the characters. 

A big part of the problem is that there's way too many characters and not enough time to really establish who any of them are. There's the cheerleaders, a tag along, a news crew, camp counselors, the boys who sneak away to try and meet up with the cheerleaders and government employees trying to figure out what's going on. As a result of there being so many characters, the film becomes scatter shot & unfocused. It ends up becoming one repetitious scene of blood and tits. For some, that might be enough, but for me personally, it wasn't. [Not Rated] 88 mins.

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