Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Death Hunter - Review - @BrandonCSites

Death Hunter (2010) *
D: Dustin Eikert
C:  Sam McConkey, Paulino Hammer, Mike Lawler, Mark Alderson, Adrienne Embry, Charlotte Bell, Rich Williams, Shari Wiedmann
Plot Synopsis: A half man, half werewolf vigilante, with some teenagers in tow, seeks out the vampire who kidnapped his wife. 

Review: With a story involving vampires, werewolves and a death hunter, it's a given that people would expect some action involving these characters fighting one another. Most of the werewolf action is limited to the characters seeing a werewolf and then running away. It's obvious that the werewolf shown throughout the entire film is the same sequence repeatedly looped. There's one werewolf brawl, but it's over & done before it's even begun. 

As for the big climatic vampire brawl between the death hunter and the head vamp, it doesn't have that grand finale feel. The final brawl should have razzle dazzle. Instead, the final brawl feels rather ordinary. And as for some action between the two iconic villains (werewolves & vampires), there is none. With a title like that, it is expected that someone in their werewolf form would be taking on vampires and that just doesn't happen. 

Action sequences centered around the title characters should have been the heart and soul of Death Hunter, but it fails to deliver any meaningful scenarios with the titles characters engaged in combat with one another. Death Hunter is one big tease as it manages to squander a fun concept by not paying off on the promise of its premise / title. [R] 95 mins.

(AKA Death Hunter: Werewolves vs. Vampires)


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