Thursday, January 9, 2014

Empty (2011) - Review - @BrandonCSites

Empty (2011) *1/2
D: C.S. Drury
C: Ashley C. Williams, Jon Carlo 
P: A couple struggles to survive when the United States is thrown in turmoil when the gasoline supply runs out. 

The idea of centering the demise of US around the notion that things would fall apart if their was no more gas is an intriguing concept. The thing with Empty though is that they take that concept and make it a sub-plot instead.

Empty puts its main focus on a couple caught in the middle of it all and their romantic troubles during this event. In the process, Empty shifts the focus away from what makes it unique and distinctive in favor of something more conventional and expected.

The romantic relationship at the center of Empty isn't all that interesting while the sub-plot certainly is. That is what is so frustrating about Empty. When it is focusing on what would happen during this event, the momentum increases and there is a genuine suspense as to how the story will unfold. However, viewers are stuck watching this couple bicker back & forth for most of the film's running time, something that has been done a million times. There's this compelling sub-plot that is barely explored. Empty is guilty of taking what makes it special, the film's sub-plot, and squandering that opportunity in order to tell a formulaic story. [R] 82 mins.

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