Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fertile Ground - Review - @BrandonCSites / #AfterDarkFilms

Fertile Ground (2011) *1/2
D: Adam Gierasch
C: Gale Harold, Leisha Hailey, Chelcie Ross, Jami Bassman, Kailah Combs, Ingrid Coree, Clint Curtis, Steve Janousek, JoNell Kennedy
P: After a miscarriage, a husband and wife move to the country to escape from it all. Shortly after becoming pregnant again, she starts to experience a series of hauntings that may be connected to a deadly tradition involving her husband.

In Fertile Ground, the main character is disoriented and confused as to what is unfolding around her. As someone watching the film, the answers to the mystery that the film was spinning were all too obvious. For 95 minutes, I was left there, sitting, hoping, that maybe I was wrong. I wasn't.

Films like Fertile Ground have been done numerous times. It's a paint by the numbers type horror thriller where every plot point has been spelled out and well telegraphed in advance for the audience. I was hoping to be surprised in some way. Even if the film was predictable, maybe, just maybe there would be something excitingly violent, or something sexually explicit, or an interesting performance to hold my interest. There wasn't.   

It's a competently made, competently acted film. I will give it that. However, there's nothing inspired about the story or how it's brought to life. [R] 95 mins.

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