Friday, January 17, 2014

Grotesque (1988) - Review - @BrandonCSites / #LindaBlair

Grotesque (1988) *1/2
D: Joe Tornatore
C: Linda Blair, Tab Hunter, Donna Wilkes, Brad Wilson

Plot Synopsis:
A family staying at their mountain cabin are brutally attacked by a gang of punks out to rob them, but what these punks didn't count on is having to deal with a monstrous family member with almost superhuman strength. 

Grotesque starts out pleasantly with an appealing, sometimes comical portrait of a family just being a family with one another, but loses its footing once the punks find their way into the protagonist's house. 

Grotesque gets lost in clumsy plotting merging elements of slasher, the punk movement, vigilante drama, twist endings, chase film, police procedural, rescue drama and (for good measure) medical drama. All of this is crammed into the span of just eighty minutes! 

At times, Grotesque feels hectic and loud as so much has been crammed into the plot. Yet, oddly enough, at other times it feels protracted and prolonged. It's a jerky, disjointed and uneven effort. 

The writer and director have failed to bring an editing eye to the material. It's though they have token every single idea they had and jammed it into one movie. There's no cohesion in style and in themes. Grotesque is just one big old mess. [R] 80 mins.

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