Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I've Been Waiting For You - Review - @BrandonCSites

I've Been Waiting For You (1998) ***
D: Christopher Leitch
C: Sarah Chalke, Soleil Moon Frye, Ben Foster, Christian Campbell, Markie Post, Tom Dugan, Maggie Lawson, Chad Cox
P: A teenage girl, new to town, is accused of being a 300 year old witch burnt at the stake after a razor clawed killer emerges stalking the descendants responsible for the sentencing of the witch.

I've Been Waiting For You is never able to fully shake off that feeling of being a made for TV horror movie, but it cleverly uses everything at its disposal to help build suspense. This includes: 

A.) The costuming of the killer which is quite effective and memorable. 
B.) The film's use of big old Gothic houses and dark shadowy hallways & entrances 
C.) Sequences that play up to the supernatural and other worldly 
D.) Suspenseful cat and mouse sequences between the killer and his potential victims 
E.) Not one, but two mysteries involving "who is the killer?" and "is the witch really alive and is it the main protagonist?" 
F.) Using things that people are inherently afraid of at some point in their lives such as-- witches, urban legends, psychic fortunes that foretell of doom, hearing spooky noises out in the middle of nowhere, the unknown, etc.

Surprisingly, I've Been Waiting For You futures almost no violence, yet it stands out as one of the eeriest, most atmospheric horror films of the 1990's. It goes to prove that a filmmaker with some creativity and an understanding of horror can create something scary even when having to work within the restrictions that a TV movie would impose. [PG-13] 90 mins.

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