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Killer Workout - Review - @BrandonCSites

Killer Workout (1986) *1/2
D: David A. Prior
C: Marcia Karr, David James Campbell, Ted Prior, Teresa Van De Woude 

Plot Synopsis: The members of a small gym are killed off one by one by a killer with a grudge. 

Review: Who knew aerobics could be so deadly.......or so sexual? I think it's pretty fair to say that the people behind Killer Workout didn't take the material seriously. There's one aerobic sequence after another in which women engage in all kinds of sexual gyrating while wearing the skimpiest outfits possible. It took me back to the days of watching USA's Up All Night as a teenager and the phone sex ads that would pop up during the commercial breaks, but with some murder sequences tossed in. 

In between the sexual gyrating, there's some dialogue, but large portions of it are inaudible as an overbearing music score drowns it out. Maybe that isn't such a bad thing?!? The killer uses a large safety pin as their weapon of choice. That's different. I will give them that, but come on, how many people would be scared of a giant safety pin? 

The rest of the film is padded out with fist fights, bad dialogue, police procedural, more bad dialogue, a laughable title song and a ridiculous twist ending. In addition, the film's also incredibly misogynist. I hate to admit it, but offensive films always pique my interest, even if I hate them. 

With all of these various elements, Killer Workout seems like the type of film that had all the workings of a cult classic. Yes, it's godawful & offensive, but it could've been godawful & offensive in an entertaining way. Yet somehow or another, Killer Workout not only manages to be godawful and offensive, it also manages to be boring. [R] 85 mins.

AKA: Aerobi-Cide

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  1. I want to bugger ALL the gorgeous sexy birds in this movie (as they were in 1987 when this film was made, not as they are now obviously).