Saturday, January 11, 2014

World War Z - Review - @BrandonCSites / #BradPitt

World War Z (2013) **1/2
D: Marc Foster
C: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Daniella Kertesz, James Badge Dale, Matthew Fox, Fana Mokoena, David Morse, Ludi Boeken
P: Globe trotting zombie thriller in which a former UN employee (Pitt) races against the clock to find a vaccine for a zombie outbreak.

A lot of time & money was spent making World War Z and it shows. The film has colossal set pieces. Some of them are quite striking to look at. In all honesty though, despite the massive amount of money put into this project, George A. Romero's vision of a post apocalyptic world in the wake of a zombie invasion in Dawn of the Dead felt more epic like.

What makes World War Z work, despite its failed attempt at epicness, is the film's central mystery of the characters having to find a cure for this zombie outbreak. The characters are constantly on the go. They are racing a ticking clock in which every second counts. It takes some time for it all to get going, but once this approach starts working and as the story unveils new layers as the characters come closer to solving the mystery at hand, the suspense starts to mount and the viewer becomes more invested in the story and what is going on. World War Z might have been made on a grand scale, but the film's more intimate moments are what gives the film an urgency. [PG-13] 116 mins.

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