Thursday, February 13, 2014

Crush (2009) - Review - @BrandonCSites / #ChristopherEgan

Crush (2009) *** 
D: Jeffrey Gerritsen, John V. Soto 
C: Christopher Egan, Emma Lung, Brooke Harman, Christian Clark, Jenna Lind, Kane Manera, Elwyn Edwards, Luke Hewitt, Kerry-Ella McAullay, Gemma Pranita 
P: A college student (Egan) has a one night stand with the niece (Lung) of the person he is house sitting for, but when he rejects her, she develops a deadly obsession towards him. 

At first glance, Crush appears to be another Fatal Attraction ripoff with an attractive cast. The first half of the film even plays out like one as well, but then a plot twist is introduced that changes everything.

Once the plot comes to fruition in the second half, that's when Crush comes alive with energy and momentum. It becomes this rollercoaster ride of suspense. There's some dynamic confrontational scenes, effective stalking scenes, an eerie dream sequence & a refreshingly unexpected finale. Lung does the crazy thing well and brings menace to her role. Egan's eye candy, but also shows that he has star quality. 

Crush is one of those films that most people are going to go into with a feeling of déjà vu, but once Crush gets going, it doesn't let up. It knows exactly which buttons to push to get an emotional response out of audiences and it hits all the right notes in orchestrating thrills and chills. [R] 82 mins.

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