Sunday, February 16, 2014

Girls Nite Out - Review - @BrandonCSites / #HalHolbrook

Girls Nite Out (1984) *
D: Robert Deubel
C: Hal Holbrook, Rutanya Alda, Julia Montgomery, James Carroll, Lauren-Marie Taylor, Suzanne Barnes, Al McGuire, David Holbrook
P: A killer dressed in a bear mascot costume kills off college students during an all night scavenger hunt.

Yes. You heard right. The killer is dressed in a bear costume (A BEAR COSTUME!!) equipped with razor blades in the paws. The killer hugs his victims to death while dressed in a bear costume! 

The premise is absolutely ridiculous; an obstacle that the film is never able to overcome or resolve. There’s nothing menacing or even remotely scary about seeing a killer walking around, picking off people while wearing a bear mascot costume. Girls Nite Out is a catch 22. It’s too serious in its intentions for it to be funny. Yet, its premise is so unintentionally funny, that it’s hard to take it serious. Filmed in 1982. [R] 96 mins.

AKA: The Scaremaker

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