Sunday, February 9, 2014

Loved Ones, The - Review - @BrandonCSites

Loved Ones, The (2009) **
D: Sean Byrne
C: Xavier Samuel, Victoria Thaine, Robin McLeavy, Jessica McNamee, John Brumpton
P: A psychotic secret admirer has her father kidnap her high school crush (Samuel) and force him to partake in a series of increasingly torturous situations.

The Loved Ones is a sleek, stylish, well made film with a polished look. The entire cast is solid right down the line. However, The Loved Ones misses the mark on creating a cohesive film in terms of style. The Loved Ones is jerky and uneven as it switches from brutal, realistic scenes of terror one minute to outlandish, far fetched scenarios that push the boundaries of credibility. There are even moments where the film goes for all out comedy.

Torture scenes involving Xavier Samuel are particularly successful as these scenes are gut wrenching, disturbing and potent. However, when The Loved Ones focuses in on the potentially incestuous relationship between father and daughter or the people who live in the basement or the actual dance that Samuel's character is supposed to be attending, that's where the film stumbles. These scenes are entertaining on there own, but when placed into the context of the film, they feel like a mishmash and cause the film to feel disjointed taking away from the film's overall effectiveness. [R] 84 mins.

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