Thursday, February 27, 2014

Monsters (2010) - Review - @BrandonCSites

Monsters (2010) **
D: Gareth Edwards
C: Whitney Able, Scoot McNairy
P: A journalist agrees to help his employer's daughter cross over from Mexico into the US in order to get out of the infected zone, an area which is plagued by alien monsters.

Strikingly lensed film with naturalistic performances from its two leads, but horror fans will be left confused by a story with no sense of urgency and an immediacy that is fleeting. The characters are stuck in a desperate situation under desperate circumstances trying to escape from the horror of it all. The importance of the characters needing to escape never fully comes across. 

Monsters presents an an array of visually stunning images and captures the grittiness of the film's locations, but at the expense of developing the film's horror & sci-fi elements. They are more of an after thought, instead of something that helps to drive forward the action of the film. The title monsters are so randomly interjected into the story that this prevents the film from crafting suspense or finding ways to scare the audience. 

Monsters would have been more successful in its attempts if all the horror elements had been removed. The race of the characters should had been changed from Caucasian to Mexican. And the story should have focused on Mexicans trying to cross the boarder. With Monsters, the horror and sci-fi elements don't do anything to enhance the film, but instead take away from it. At the heart of Monsters is a story about illegal immigration. That's what the film should have focused on. [R] 93 mins.


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