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Sorority Horror House - Review - @BrandonCSites / #Horror

Sorority Horror House (2012) **1/2
D: Darin Scott
C: Alessandra Torresani, Morgan Fairchild, Jackie Tuttle, Dave Randolph-Mayhem Davis, Carol Jean Wells, Salina Duplessis, Cameron Deane Stewart, Ruby Lou Smith, Isbel Cueva, Jennie Kamin, Ashton Leigh
P: A sorority house, with a checkered past, comes under attack during a Halloween party by malevolent spirits. It's up to a pledge to figure out how to put an end to the grisly mayhem before it claims everyone. 

REVIEW: Sorority Horror House is a cult classic waiting to happen. It's one of those films that manages to take various elements from different eras of horror and incorporate them into one cohesive narrative. With that said, let's take a look. 

The 60's saw a raise in which an older generation of film stars started to star in horror films. The highlight of this era was when rivals Bette Davis and Joan Crawford teamed up to star in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Representing this era of horror is Morgan Fairchild. Back in the 80's, Fairchild achieved prominence with a starring role in The Seduction. To me, Morgan Fairchild was the epitome of glamour & elegance. As a vengeful ghost who's out to claim as many souls as possible, Fairchild attacks her role with relish. 

The 70's gave birth to the grindhouse era. Sorority Horror House incorporates elements of the grindhouse by featuring some of the most perfectly absurd death sequences imaginable. The 80's is represented by the film's slasher film elements and by having various female characters run around half naked for no perfectly good reason during a sorority initiation sequence. I also appreciated the balance between CGI and old school makeup applications. 

As for the 90's, that is represented by some sharp dialogue and in the film's self aware tone (I'm not into girl on girl and when I was, you weren't my type). I think just about any of the film's younger cast members would fit perfectly alongside the cast members of just about any Scream knockoff. And the horror films of late are represented by the film's supernatural elements. And for good measure, they even manage to make it so that the film takes place on Halloween night, during the middle of a raging party, during the middle of a sorority initiation - three classic horror film settings, all in one film! 

Sorority Horror House is one of those films that will go over the heads of most horror film novices and as such, it's clearly not for all tastes. However, for an old timer, like myself, that grew up watching horror films, I found it richly detailed and eagerly awaited to see what various tricks the film would pull out of its hat. [Not Rated] 87 mins. 

AKA: American Horror House 

Sorority Horror House comes out on DVD March 11, 2014 courtesy of MTI Home Video.

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