Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Spring Break Shark Attack - Review - @BrandonCSites

Spring Break Shark Attack (2005) *1/2
D: Paul Shapiro
C: Kathy Baker, Riley Smith, Justin Baldoni, Shannon Lucio, Bryan Brown

Plot Synopsis: A group of spring breakers become lunch meat for some mighty hungry sharks. 

Review: Seeing as Spring Break Shark Attack was produced as a made for TV film, it can't play up to the sexual aspect of spring break and partying. The violence is toned down and the gore is minimal. Similarities between this and the recent Piranha remake are certainly evident, but the difference is that Piranha 3D had vigor. It had energy. It had gore. It had nudity. Piranha 3D played up to the inherent trashiness of the material gleefully, while Spring Break Shark Attack shies away from those aspects due to its made for TV origins. 

Spring Break Shark Attack is watchable, at times, due its (purposely?!?) corny dialogue, cheap looking special effects, dopey situations and a cast that's easy on the eyes. However, Spring Break Shark Attack was not suited for the broadcast television medium. This should have been a cable television movie. On cable television, Spring Break Shark Attack could have at least tried to cut loose, instead of being so restrained and timid in its overall approach. [Not Rated] 88 mins.


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