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The Best in Horror - 2000

Welcome, as I (Brandon C. Sites: Critic of Modern Day Horror) take you on a journey back to what I thought was the best in horror for the year 2000. 

When creating these best of lists, I didn't set any perimeters to the amount of films that I would include in each category. With that in mind, it is possible for there to be zero (yes, zero!) films in any given category if I felt there was nothing worthy of inclusion. On the other hand, if I felt there were 5 or even 10 films worth including in a certain category, ....well then there is going to be 5 or even 10 films in that category. 

My main reason for taking this approach is, because I didn't want to list films as being the best of for the sake of listing films. Also, if I felt that a certain category really stood out in horror for that year, I didn't want to be limited in the amount that I could choose as well. 

1999 was one of the greatest years for movies in general. 2000 had a tough act to follow. While 2000 was a weak year for movies in general, there were quite a few breakthroughs in the horror world, including -- Vin Disel, Katharine Isabelle, James Wong, Tarsem Singh, etc.

So kick back and see whether you agree or disagree with what I thought to be the best in horror for the year 2000. 


The Cell


Lionel Delplanque: Deep in the Woods
Tarsem Singh: The Cell


Vin Diesel: Pitch Black


Radha Mitchell: Pitch Black
Jennifer Lopez: The Cell
Molly Ringwald: Cut
Katharine Isabelle: Ginger Snaps

Supporting Actor: 

Vincent D'Onofrio: The Cell
Tony Todd: Final Destination

Supporting Actress: 

Adrienne Barbeau: The Convent

Screenplay (Original or Adaptation): 

Mark Protosevich: The Cell


David Eggby: Pitch Black
Denis Rouden: Deep in the Woods
Paul Laufer: The Cell


Robert Duffy, Paul Rubell: The Cell

Effects / Makeup:

Final Destination
The Cell
Pitch Black

Sets / Set Decoration:

Deep in the Woods
The Cell

Costume Design: 

Edith Bréhat: Deep in the Woods
Eiko Ishioka, April Napier: The Cell

*Please Note: In any given year, there will always be a Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress category. The addition of any additional categories (example: Cinematography) is based on whether or not there are any horror films released, in any given year, that are worthy of mention in any additional category / categories. Also, from time to time, these best of lists might be revised to include additional titles. The main reason being that some films might have played in a film festival one year, but didn't find nationwide distribution until years later. A good example is All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. First released in 2006, it didn't play in theaters here in the US till 2013.

-- Agree / Disagree with this review?!? Voice your opinion! Feel free to comment down below --

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