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The Best in Horror - 2004

Welcome, as I (Brandon C. Sites: Critic of Modern Day Horror) take you on a journey back to what I thought was the best in horror for the year 2004. When creating these best of lists, I didn't set any perimeters to the amount of films that I would include in each category. 

With that in mind, it is possible for there to be zero (yes, zero!) films in any given category if I felt there was nothing worthy of inclusion. On the other hand, if I felt there were 5 or even 10 films worth including in a certain category, ....well then there is going to be 5 or even 10 films in that category.

My main reason for taking this approach is, because I didn't want to list films as being the best of for the sake of listing films. Also, if I felt that a certain category really stood out in horror for that year, I didn't want to be limited in the amount that I could choose as well.

For me personally, 2004 was a year of remakes and sequels. After the enormous success of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, studio heads were scrambling to see what horror films that could dig up and remake. In the same year, for better or worse, we got Saw as well. Yes, there were far too many sequels and far too many copy cat films, but also, if you saw Saw when it was first initially released, it was so original, so different and so surprising. The film's effect was under-minded by the films that followed.

And I might as well say this right now, yes, I truly did enjoy Blade: Trinity. I thought both Ryan Reynolds and Parkey Posey both found a way to do their edgy, one liner thing within the context of a mainstream commercial film, something both of them had struggled with over the previous years. 

So kick back and see whether you agree or disagree with what I thought to be the best in horror for the year 2004.


Dawn of the Dead


Stevan Mena: Malevolence




Sarah Michelle Gellar: The Grudge

Supporting Actor:

Ving Rhames: Dawn of the Dead
Ryan Reynolds: Blade: Trinity

Supporting Actress:

Parker Posey: Blade: Trinity


Tsuyoshi Kimoto: Malevolence

Effects / Makeup:

Blade: Trinity

Sets / Set Decoration:

Blade: Trinity

*Please Note: In any given year, there will always be a Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress category. The addition of any additional categories (example: Cinematography) is based on whether or not there are any horror films released, in any given year, that are worthy of mention in any additional category / categories.

Also, from time to time, these best of lists might be revised to include additional titles. The main reason being that some films might have played in a film festival one year, but didn't find nationwide distribution until years later. A good example is All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. First released in 2006, it didn't play in theaters here in the US till 2013.

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