Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Brotherhood V: Alumni - Review - @BrandonCSites

The Brotherhood V: Alumni (2009) *
D: David DeCoteau
C: Brett Novek, Maria Aceves, Preston Davis, Lindsey Landers, Nathan Parsons, Arthur Napiontek, Oskar Rodriguez

Plot Synopsis: A group of former classmates find themselves reunited one year later after the murder of a fellow student, as a killer lurks in the shadows intent on making them pay for their part in the murder and subsequent cover up. 

REVIEW: The Brotherhood V: Alumni recalls the slasher films of yesteryear with its plot, most notably Prom Night & Slaughter High. Even though the plot screams horror film homage, the film is at odds with director David DeCoteau's directorial style. 

DeCoteau's more recent horror films are known for two things. One, they feature no on screen violence what so ever. I don't believe in violence for the sake of violence, but when you're making a slasher about a killer getting revenge, then violence is going to be part of the equation. Two, DeCoteau likes to engage in homoerotic T&A. This usually involves various good looking guys who strip down to their boxer briefs and take showers for protracted periods of time! ...BUT wait, he never features nudity in any of his films of late. What I take issue with is that director David DeCoteau has filmed lots of females nude over the course of his career. Why the apprehension in featuring male nudity? If you're going to indulge in T&A, take it all the way. Since the horror genre is male driven, a large portion will bemoan male nudity, but if you're already going against the grain by placing an emphasis on the guys over the girls, then don't shy away from that element. 

That's one reason as to why I say the film's plot is at odds with DeCoteau's style, because the film plays up to various things associated with the slasher genre, but then shies away from it. Secondly, DeCoteau never really develops any suspenseful situations or scenarios for the cast to be engaged in. Cat and mouse elements between the killer and the film's victims to be never come to fruition. If you have a story that recalls Prom Night and Slaughter High, this is a critical element to those films. 

Director David DeCoteau has delivered a film that's slick and polished looking, but lacks the soul of the films that it inspired it. [R] 86 mins.


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