Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Woman - Review - @BrandonCSites / #Horror

The Woman (2011) *
D: Lucky McKee
C: Pollyanna McIntosh, Angela Bettis, Sean Bridgers, Lauren Ashley Carter, Zach Rand, Shyla Molhusen, Alexa Marcigliano, Carlee Baker 
P: A feral woman is uprooted from her environment by a lawyer who chains her up in his shed and proceeds to use her as a play toy for his violent tendencies & sexual desires. 

What exactly was the point of The Woman? The only relevancy of this film is that they could have done a parallel on taking animals out of their natural environment and caging them up. However, the optimum word is "could have" as this isn't an issue that The Woman ponders. The Woman is an artless, soulless horror film that gives horror films a bad rep. 

Again, what was the point? The Woman spends its running time focusing on ways in which to torture its title character. When it isn't focusing on the rape and mutilation of the title character, it follows a family in which a dad abuses & rapes his wife & daughter. Dear old son seems to be following in dad's footsteps by finding sexual gratification in torturing women as well. Nice, huh? The Woman gets so caught up in its own twisted desires & misogyny that it forgets the most basic fundamental of film-making -- telling a compelling story with compelling characters. [R] 101 mins.

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