Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Vamp X - Review - @BrandonCSites

Vamp X (2011) *
D: David Glenney
C: Spencer Harlan, Mallory Carrick, Melanie Fairlight, Paul Taylor  
Plot Synopsis: A loser finds himself obsessively drawn to his ex-girlfriend who is now a blood-thirsty vampire. 

Review: Part satire on office life, part spoof of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer (the TV series), Vamp X is muddled mess. The problem is that the two things that Vamp X is attempting to send up are so polar opposite from one another, that the film fails to gel and become a cohesive whole. Instead, it ends up feeling like two separate short films. 

The office part of the film doesn't have enough sting. They needed to find one element to really focus in on, to take direct aim at so that the film could build one joke after another on that idea. Vamp X is too broad in its overall approach to satirizing office life in that they try to cover too much.

As for the elements that spoof Buffy, that pretty much consists of one poorly put together, prolonged fight sequence. The fight sequence is the central focus of Vamp X's last actInstead of closing out Vamp X on an exciting note, the fight sequence takes what is a poorly conceived, but oddly watchable, satire and sinks it. 

With Vamp X, it's as though the people behind it had two ideas for two different short films and couldn't decide on which one to make. So they took the two ideas and formed them into one movie. The problem is, neither idea has been fully thought out. [Not Rated] 28 mins.

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