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Hide and Go Shriek - Review - @BrandonCSites

Hide and Go Shriek (1988) **
D: Skip Schoolnik
C: Bunky Jones, Brittain Frye, Sean Kanan, Annette Sinclair, Donna Baltron, George Thomas 

Plot Synopsis: A bunch of high school kids throwing a graduation party, after hours, in a furniture store, have their fun disrupted by a serial killer who is picking them off one by one while they play a game of hide and go seek. 

Review: After the opening sequence, we're introduced to various teen characters. They've just graduated from high school. They talk about what they're going to do with the rest of their lives. Some talk about career paths, others talk about possibly getting married and, for some, ...well, they're more concerned with having a little fun before having to face the realities of the real world. I found this a refreshing change of pace. We actually get to see a little bit into the characters and who they are, but, ultimately, Hide and Go Shriek is a slasher and we got to get to the business of slashings.

The characters decide to celebrate their high school graduation by sneaking into a furniture store for an overnight party. Unfortunately, a killer has tagged along. Since the film takes place in a large furniture store, with multiple floors, there's plenty of places for the killer to hide. The killer also takes to donning the clothes of not only the various mannequins placed throughout the store, but his victims in order to heighten the confusion. 

The setting allows for the killer to murder characters without other characters being fully aware of what's going on. The idea of the killer hiding in plain sight, by changing clothes, is another interesting idea as well. Yet, for some reason, Hide and Go Shriek is never able to generate much tension or suspense from any of these ideas.

Eventually, things fall apart when the characters discover that a killer is in their midst. Not even half of the cast has been disposed of. With 4, even possibly 5, of the main characters still alive, the killer is simply outmatched. What's left is to watch as a group of characters run around and scream while trying to figure a way out. This becomes tiresome & repetitive real quick. 

To Hide and Go Shriek's credit, it attempts two things outside of the norm. That includes: (1.) It's selection of who lives and who doesn't. Hide and Go Shriek doesn't play by the so called rules of the genre. (2.) The identity of the killer. It's a bold, gutsy choice. Unfortunately, it's poorly executed. The dialogue given to the killer, their motive, even their styling & costuming all come across as unintentionally funny.

The people behind this have obviously put some thought into the film. They took chances and tried to think outside the box. Ultimately, you have to be able to execute whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish. Hide and Go Shriek bites off more then it can chew. I will say this, however, even though they missed the mark, they at least went for it. That's the kind of attitude we need to see more of these days! [R] 90 mins.

AKA: Close Your Eyes and Prey

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