Saturday, March 15, 2014

In Fear - Review - @BrandonCSites / #AnchorBayEntertainment / #Horror

In Fear (2013) **
D: Jeremy Lovering
C: Iain De Caestecker, Alice Englert, Allen Leech
P: A young couple heading to a bed and breakfast en route to a musical festival get lost in a maze of backwoods roads far from civilization. Is someone toying with them? And if so, why?   

In the film In Fear, we watch as a young couple drives around in circles in a labyrinth like setting. The fear, confusion and panic that the couple is experiencing becomes palpable and a level of tension starts to build. Around the 57 minute mark, the film begins to answer some of the questions that it raises and that's when things start to fall apart.

The answers that the film provides reveal a flimsy excuse of a plot. One of the things that you have to gauge when making a movie is whether the material warrants feature length status or would work better as a short film. In Fear falls into the latter. That's a shame too. It's well made and well acted by everyone involved, but the film is prolonged and protracted to the point of ridiculousness. Back in the late 50's / early 60's, The Twilight Zone used to do this kind of thing in about 25 minutes top. In Fear would have made for one hell of a suspenseful short, but as is, it's a feature length film whose material doesn't merit feature length status. [R] 85 mins.

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