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Killer Party - Review - @BrandonCSite

Killer Party (1986) **1/2
D: William Fruet
C: Martin Hewitt, Elaine Wilkes, Sherry Willis-Burch, Joanna Johnson, Paul Bartel, Woody Brown, Pam Hyatt

Plot Synopsis: An April Fool's party in which the participants don costumes goes awry when the spirit of a ghost starts to kill off the party-goers. 

Review: At first, Killer Party presents a movie within a Thriller inspired music video. Then it turns into a teen sex comedy complete with nudity, corny musical montages, college high jinks & flirtatious banter between a cute guy like Martin Hewitt (of Endless Love fame) and one of the leading ladies. 

From there, it turns into a tale of the supernatural about a vengeful ghost who wants retribution for being hazed to death during a frat initiation. Then it turns into an outright slasher set during an April Fool's party, but wait, we're not done yet! Killer Party even manages to throw in an Exorcist style sub-plot complete with a character who crawls up walls, foams at the mouth and speaks in a Mercedes McCambridge inspired voice.  

To say that Killer Party is a mishmash of various ideas and horror sub-genres is an understatement. This will provide easy fodder from some to dismiss it, saying that Killer Party lacks a decisive tone. Technically, they're right, but Killer Party has a fierce energy that's always interesting. It's the type of film that's willing to throw anything and everything out there in the name of entertainment. Some of it doesn't work, but a lot of it does. 

Killer Party is a lot of different things, but boring certainly isn't one of them. [R] 91 mins.

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