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Teenage Exorcist - Review - @BrandonCSites

Teenage Exorcist (1991) **
D: Grant Austin Waldman
C: Brinke Stevens, Eddie Deezen, Robert Quarry, Elena Sahagun, Jay Richardson, Michael Berryman, Tom Shell, Oliver Darrow, Hoke Howell

Plot Synopsis: A grad student moves into a spooky old house infested with malevolent spirits and a demonic presence who is intent on worldwide domination, but first they need a virgin sacrifice. 

Review: The people behind Teenage Exorcist obviously understand horror and how absurd the genre can be as they send up every horror cliche or stereotype that you can think of. For example, in the title role, it's quite obvious that Eddie Deezen's character hasn't been a teenager for some time or the virgin sacrifice turns out to be a married man well into his 30's or even 40's! 

The cast is game. Brinke Stevens pokes fun at her naughty & nice image. Michael Berryman plays against type as a scaredy cat. Robert Quarry shows his sure hand when it comes to comedic timing, while the rest of the cast seems to be having a good time with the material. 

While Teenage Exorcist generates chuckles throughout, there's no belly laughs nor any laugh out loud gags that make you want to talk about them afterwards. That's because several scenes feel prolonged & protracted, as though they needed some filler to pad out the running time. With some editing, the jokes could have been sharper and had more bite. 

Overall, Teenage Exorcist is light fun in a screwy kind of way, but it lacks the genuine power of some of the genres more noted efforts such as Scary Movie or even Student Bodies. [Not Rated] 90 mins.

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