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The Seduction (1982) - Review - @BrandonCSites

The Seduction (1982) **
D: David Schmoeller
C: Morgan Fairchild, Andrew Stevens, Michael Sarrazin, Vince Edwards, Colleen Camp, Kevin Brophy

Plot Synopsis: A TV newscaster (Fairchild) becomes the object of obsession for a mentally unbalanced fan (Stevens). 

Review: There's one scene in The Seduction that sums up the entire film. In this scene, Stevens' character has broken into Morgan Fairchild's home. Instead, of bolting for the door, Stevens hides in a bathroom closet unbeknownst to Fairchild. Instead of doing some normal day to day stuff, Fairchild almost immediately heads to her fully decked out bathroom to partake in a bubble bath. 

I sighed in disappointment. A little cat & mouse between these two characters would have gone a long way. Imagine, if you will, Fairchild doing some day to day stuff (before hopping in that bathtub) with Stevens creeping along in the background. The film would've generated tension as the audience are left to wonder if Fairchild will eventually sense the impending danger lurking in the background. That never happens. 

....Well, I take that back. It does. For about 10 whole seconds. There's an instance where Fairchild reaches into a bathroom closet, while Stevens presses himself as far back against the wall as possible, as to not get caught.

Eventually, Fairchild hops into the bathtub for a little bubble bath. She raises her legs far into the air. She's got beautiful legs. Fairchild rubs some suds down the middle of her chest. And again, we get the picture. Fairchild is quite beautiful. This comes to a fold with Stevens popping out of that closet and Morgan Fairchild giving her best horror movie scream. And this pretty much summarizes what I take issue with. 

The Seduction could've had some suspenseful scenarios, but none of them are properly developed or thought out. In an effort to get to the more titillating elements, nothing else is given equal consideration. On a more positive note, cinematographer Mac Ahlberg's camera makes mad, passionate love to Fairchild. She's never been more glamorous or beautiful. As a Valentine to Fairchild, The Seduction succeeds, but as a thriller, it fails to thrill. [R] 104 mins.

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