Friday, April 18, 2014

Camp Hell - Review - @BrandonCSites

Camp Hell (2011) **
D: George VanBuskirk
C: Will Denton, Bruce Davison, Connor Paolo, Dana Delany, Andrew McCarthy, Jesse Eisenberg, Valentina de Angelis, Spencer Treat Clark
Plot Synopsis: A teenager experiences first love while at a summer bible camp, however a sin committed during the course of that relationship leads to demonic and supernatural powers being unleashed. 

Review: Camp Hell is an examination into how religion affects youth counterbalanced against a horror film. It's an intriguing concept, unfortunately the execution doesn't do the premise justice. 

Camp Hell (aka Camp Hope) is so focused on establishing the scenario (kid falls in love, commits sin, there's Hell to be paid) that it forgets to dive into the internal feelings of the character. This, in turn, prevents the idea of how those feelings manifest themselves into something demonic or supernatural from being developed. Without that element, there's nothing to drive the narrative forward or to get a better understanding of the mindset of the main character or for any plot complications to form. 

Yet, somehow or another, Camp Hell manages to maintain interest. This is due in large part to the intriguing concept (that goes nowhere) and from the solid performances all around. However, Camp Hell disappoints in the worst way in that the potential is clearly evident. Instead it shies away from developing the premise, the very thing that could've made this dynamic entertainment. [R] 99 mins.

AKA: Camp Hope

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