Monday, April 21, 2014

Dinoshark - Review - @BrandonCSites

Dinoshark (2010) *1/2
D: Kevin O'Neill
C: Eric Balfour, Iva Hasperger, Aarón Díaz, Humberto Busto, Richard Miller, Guillermo Iván, Liv Boughn, Christina Nicole, Roger Corman
Plot Synopsis: After being thawed out by the raising temperatures and the thinning of the ozone layer, a prehistoric dinoshark roams the ocean looking for its next meal after not having anything to eat for about 150 million years.  

Review: Dinoshark is yet another disappointing entry in producer Roger Corman's series of creature feature films following the success of Sharktopus

The premise is simple. An ancient water dwelling creature is revived and is making lunch meat of anyone and anything that happens to be in the water. There's a lot of things that they could've done with this type premise. They could've gone for the environmental angle. They've could have gone for camp and outrageous situations. They could've gone for cheap laughs given how ridiculous the premise is. They could've spoofed the don't go in the water element of Jaws. They could've spoofed all those monster movies that Roger Corman used to make back in the 50's.

Instead, it's a rather uninspired attempt at cashing in on the success of another movie. The characters, even the Dinoshark go through the motions. The overall results are bland when the possibilities were endless. [Not Rated] 90 mins.

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