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Slumber Party Massacre II - Review - @BrandonCSites / #RogerCorman

Slumber Party Massacre II (1987) **1/2
D: Deborah Brock
C: Crystal Bernard, Jennifer Rhodes, Patrick Lowe, Scott Westmoreland
Plot Synopsis: One of the survivors of the original film travels to a vacation home to have a slumber party with her fellow band mates, but the soul of the original driller killer has been resurrected in the form of a rock-n-roll singer with a drill extending from the neck of his guitar. 

Review: The underlying message behind Slumber Party Massacre II is that drug use is bad, real bad. At least someone had the hindsight to see that it's ridiculous to try and incorporate an anti-drug message into a film entitled Slumber Party Massacre II. In my guesstimation, this whole anti-drug thing was a mandate handed down to writer/director/producer Deborah Brock from a higher up. In delivering this message, Brock goes for the theatrics. Some of those situations include an Elvis type rocker with a drill extending from the neck of his guitar, a chicken sandwich with a bloody hand or a giant zit spewing pus all over the place. You're probably wondering just how big is that zit? Well, let's just say, it covers over half of the character's face.

In between, the girls sing & dance and play guitars none too convincingly. They've formed there own all girl rock group, but it's rather obvious that no one is an actual musician. Afterwards, the girls strip down to their bras for a little pillow fight. Feathers fly all over the place. One girl even goes topless. This plays out like a juvenile masturbatory fantasy brought to life. There's even a few in joke references for the horror nerds.

The film's grand finale features said Elvis rocker. He kills the cast with said guitar. When he has nothing better to do, he does a little song and dance number or lights up a cigarette. He even finds time to kick back and drink some whiskey. I guess he's got to allow enough time for the characters to run around & scream before killing them. The people behind Slumber Party Massacre II make no attempt to take the material seriously. They know its trash. Deborah Brock has written, directed and produced a film that couldn't have been good in any rational way, but she's made a bad film better then most. [R] 77 mins.

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