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Sorority House Massacre II - Review - @BrandonCSites

Sorority House Massacre II (1990) **1/2
D: Jim Wynorski
C: Gail Harris, Melissa Moore, Stacia Zhivago, Barbii, Dana Bentley, Peter Spellos, J├╝rgen Baum, Toni Naples, Bridget Carney

Plot Synopsis: A group of sorority girls purchase the former home of a now deceased serial killer. On a lark, they get out the good ole' Ouija board to try and communicate with his spirit. Guess what happens next? 

Review: Unlike the original Sorority House Massacre, which took the material seriously, Sorority House Massacre II in no way, shape or form makes any attempt at being a dignified film. 

As mandated by the so called rules of the slasher genre, at least one of the female characters has to get naked at some point or another. In Sorority House Massacre II, not one, not two, not three, not four, but all five of the female leads get naked for no reason other then that's what the script mandated. Two additional characters are also introduced briefly for no reason other then to get naked as well! 

The characters are also prone to some of the stupidest decision making possible such as spending the night in a house that's rumored to be haunted without any power or electricity during the middle of a raging thunder storm while only outfitted in their bras and panties! I guess even with heavy rain down pour and no heat, their breasts provide them the necessary heat to bear the elements. When the characters figure out that something sinister is going on, do they bother to get dressed? No, of course not! They continue to run around in their bras & panties while screaming relentlessly upon deaf ears. 

There's a certain epic quality to how low Sorority House Massacre II is willing to stoop to! It understands all of the various cliches of the genre and over exaggerates them to the point of ridiculousness. This is a film that wants to be as innately bad as humanly possible and, on that level, it's a success. [R] 80 mins.

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