Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Stepmonster - Review - @BrandonCSites

Stepmonster (1993) **1/2
D: Jeremy Stanford
C: Alan Thicke, Robin Riker, George Gaynes, Ami Dolenz, Corey Feldman, Edie McClurg, John Astin, Billy Corben, Molly Cheek

Plot Synopsis: After a series of mysterious disappearances and murders, a young boy comes to suspect that his soon to be step-mom is a carnivorous monster that is behind it all. 

Review: Last week, I rented Before Midnight, because I wanted to gain insight into what love is like for a 40 something couple. I wanted to watch something that was both challenging and made me think. The film went above and beyond in doing its job. 

The week before that, I rented Now You See Me, because I wanted edge of your seat, escapist entertainment type action movie. That film did its job admirably as well. My point is, we go into different films with different expectations. Sometimes we want to cry. Sometimes we want to be thrilled. Sometimes we want a film to lift our spirits. Sometimes we want to be scared. Sometimes we want a film that makes us look within ourselves. Sometimes we want to be intrigued and sometimes, we just want to have fun! 

With Stepmonster, a teenager becomes convinced that his step-mother is a monster in human disguise. The cast seems to be having a good time with the material. The script finds interesting situations to place the characters in. There's a lively cat & mouse game between the young protagonist and his stepmother as he sets out to prove that she's indeed a monster. It's not particularly memorable nor is it a film of great depth or meaning, but if you want to watch something that's fun & entertaining, Stepmonster does the job. [PG-13] 85 mins.

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