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Invasion of the Scream Queens - Review - @WildEyeDVD

Invasion of the Scream Queens (1992) **1/2
D: Donald Farmer
Plot Synopsis: Women who have made a career out of starring in the B horror and science fiction genres are interviewed, and clips and trailers from their films are shown.

Watching Invasion of the Scream Queens I felt a variety of emotions. I felt nostalgia. I felt joy and happiness. I felt a slight ting of sadness. I flight the passion that these actresses had for acting. For anyone that has a fondness for the horror films of the 70's & 80's, Invasion of the Scream Queens is mandatory viewing. 

In it, we watch as veteran scream queens reveal various insights into the business and their own personal lives. None of these revelations are Earth shattering, but they do allow us a glance into the actresses some of us grew up watching. Some of the more surprising revelations are how Brinke Stevens wanted to escape her B-movie roots and work in mid budget studio fare or how Elizabeth Kaitan was born in Hungary and raised in a house with pigs in the front yard. We also learn that some of her favorite films are Bonnie & Clyde and After Hours. Another aspect that might surprise people is the work ethic and how poised & articulate most of these actresses come across. They might star in some rather dumb films, but most of these actresses are pretty smart cookies.

Director Donald Farmer allows us to get a glimpse into these actresses, but right when he starts scratching on the surface, right when he's about to allow us to see the behind the scenes persona of these actresses when they aren't on camera, he cuts away and the interview comes to an end. Invasion of the Scream Queens is much like seeing your idol on the street. It's a joyous occasion, because you're one step closer to getting near your idol. Yet, it's not quite fully satisfying, because even though you're so close to being near your idol, you're still so far away. [Not Rated] 85 mins.

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