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The Ganzfeld Haunting - Review - @BrandonCSites

The Ganzfeld Haunting (2014) **
D: Michael Oblowitz
C: Taylor Cole, Rumer Willis, Ryan Donowho, Toby Hemingway, Dominic Purcell, Dianna Camacho, Rico Simonini, Laura Wiggins

Plot Synopsis: Set out to prove that thoughts can be transmitted psychically, a group of hard-partying students mistakenly unearth a grisly series of murders from their forgotten youth. As ghosts from the past become increasingly violent, the students must solve a 20-year-old crime before they are driven insane - or become murder victims themselves. 

REVIEW: Do you remember a film called The Apparition that came out a few years earlier? In it, a group of college aged students conducted a parapsychological experiment in which they use their thoughts to try and summon a spirit. Guess what happens next? Now, ask yourself this, after read the plot synopsis (up above), doesn't The Ganzfeld Haunting sound an awful lot like The Apparition? 

I guess the people behind this were banking on the fact that not a lot of people had seen The Apparition since it was a box office flop that bombed with both critics & horror audiences alike. I don't get it?!? Did the people behind this take a lazy approach to horror by simply ripping off the The Apparition or did the story in The Apparition intrigue them enough that they thought they could improve upon it?

Who knows what their intention truly was? Even the film, itself, doesn't quite seem to know. In some instances, you can see where they tried to develop the story at hand, but in other instances, there's too many plot holes and inconsistencies throughout. In an attempt to spice things up, they even throw in a little girl on girl action that turns into a threesome with another guy. While, I will admit, this scene is titillating, it completely stops the film in its tracks. To say that The Ganzfield Haunting is a chaotic mess is an understatement.  

However, the film does have one ace up its sleeve and that is the performances of its lead actors. Ryan Donowho does the cute emo intellectual slacker thing well. Taylor Cole has the pipes required of a scream queen and even looks the part, but the real standout is Rumer Willis. She shows that she has that same feistiness that made her mom, Demi Moore, a star. She inhibits the role of a college aged student who likes to sleep around while snorting coke & drinking alcohol endlessly. It's a raw, unnerving performance worthy of a better film.

Donowho, Cole and especially Willis are committed to the film and to their roles. Too bad the film itself isn't anywhere near as committed to the material at hand. [Not Rated] 87 mins. 

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