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The Midnight Hour - Review - #TheMidnightHour / #HalloweenMovies

The Midnight Hour (1985) ****
D: Jack Bender
C: Shari Belafonte, Lee Montgomery, Jonna Lee, Jonelle Allen, LeVar Burton, Peter DeLuise, Kevin McCarthy, Dick Van Patten, Kurtwood Smith, Wolfman Jack
Plot Synopsis: A group of high school students break into a local museum looking for some costumes for a Halloween party and, along the way, they find an ancient scroll which they, of course, read aloud. This unleashes all the demons, zombies and vampires from hell to wreck havoc on their small town. 

REVIEW: Halloween is the type of night where anything and everything can happen. For some, it brings back nostalgic memories. For others, it's a time to embrace our dark side and the macabre. Halloween is the type of night that can be fun, that can be creepy, that can by mysterious. Hell, you can even fall in love on Halloween night! And in my own personal opinion, no other film better embodies the spirit of Halloween then The Midnight Hour.

Originally airing as a made for TV movie on ABC, this little gem is filled with many wonderful elements. There's thrills, chills, humor, a love story, classic oldies with Wolfman Jack as a radio DJ and even a musical number by Shari Belafonte thrown in for good measure complete with dancing zombies & vampires!  

The Midnight Hour has something rarely seen in horror films, heart. It seems like everyone involved with the film had a good time with the material, even if most of them are way too old for there parts, and gave it there all. The Midnight Hour has characters and places that seem like old friends that you want to revisit over and over again. There is a tangible connection with what is going on in the film and with the people involved. That, along with the film's ability to tap into the magic of Halloween, is what gives The Midnight Hour such a sense of feeling and that's what causes it to resonate on such a personal level. [Not Rated] 97 mins.

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