Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Vampire Boys - Review - @BrandonCSites

Vampire Boys (2011) *
D: Charlie Vaughn
C: Jason Lockhart, Christian Ferrer, Dylan Vox, Jess Allen, Tanner Acord, Ryan Adames, Zasu Pitts, Greg McKeon, Walter Delmar, Marlene Mc'Cohen, Charlie Vaughn

Plot Synopsis: A hundred year old vampire must find his soul mate in order to keep himself and his clique alive forever. However, his soul mate unexpectedly turns out be a guy- a young, naive, innocent college freshmen. 

Review: The notion of doing a serious minded gay horror romance in the Twilight era was something refreshingly different. I also found it refreshing that the film didn't try to turn its vampire characters into something other then what they are. These are vampires who stalk people and drink blood. However, the film's overall execution is lacking. 

The horror elements don't have enough menace or terror to them. Scenes of the vampires stalking their human prey are rushed and don't amount to much. The suspense that these scenes could have generated is never palpable. Scenes in which the vampire brood is having conflict with one another, is rushed as well. These scenes lack the excitement that they could have had. It's treated as more of a throwaway, if anything.  

The romance, that is supposed to be the center of this film, doesn't have that sizzle or spark that's needed. The film never plays on the danger or intensity of one of the main characters being human and the other character being a vampire. There's a sex scene between the two main characters that falls completely flat as well. It lacks any viva voom so to speak and as our opposites attract couple Jason Lockhart & Christian Ferrer just don't have any chemistry with one another. 

You know you're in trouble when you're watching a film and you keep thinking about all the things that the film should have or could have done. There was an opportunity to do something that was completely opposite of Twilight, but as the old saying goes, shoulda woulda coulda.  [Not Rated] 70 mins.

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