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Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero - Review - #CabinFever3

Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero (2014) *1/2
D: Kaare Andrews
C: Sean Astin, Mitch Ryan, Currie Graham, Solly Duran, Ryan Donowho, Brando Eaton, Jillian Murray, Lydia Hearst

Plot Synopsis:
 When a group of friends enjoying a bachelor cruise in the Caribbean stumble upon a research facility on a remote island, a deadly virus is unleashed. The group must find a way to survive before the flesh eating virus consumes them all. 

REVIEW: In this third installment, of the Cabin Fever franchise, there's a few effective moments. However, those effective moments are diminished with one gore effect after another. At one point, the over abundance of gore becomes rather numbing. With horror, less is more. Think about it. The more you see something, the less power it has to scare you. 

Most of the tension doesn't even come from gore, but in the form of a character introduced as Patient Zero (Sean Astin), a man who's infected with the virus of the previous two films, but who shows no symptoms. Patient Zero is locked in a research facility in order to (1.) control the virus from becoming an epidemic 
-and- (2.) to use him as a guinea pig in order to find a cure. 

Doctors conduct various tests on Patient Zero, but this goes against the morality of one of the assistants. From this scenario, thought provoking ideas dealing with medical ethics, self preservation, how we're easily vulnerable to an outbreak, the doctors & nurses caught in the middle of doing their job while human emotions go out to those infected and the extreme measures that are token for the greater good. It's a shame that those issues are only skimmed upon as a sub-plot.

The main scenario involves four friends who have gather on a tropical island, for a little fun, before one of them gets married. The quartet fools around. They talk about the future. They succumb to the the flesh eating virus. Blood is spewed, bodies disintegrate, paranoia sets in. They call for help. They argue about what to do. Eventually, the Patient Zero sub-plot connects with this part of the story. 

Patient Zero serves no distinct purpose other then to tell us how this quartet became infected. Without Patient Zero, this is a retread of Cabin Fever 1 & 2. It's the same story, but in a different setting with a different cast. For the people involved with this production, I pose three questions. Why have they remade the previous movies? Why not make Patient Zero the entire focus? Could they not see that the Patient Zero sub-plot was far more interesting?!?

However, it's unfair to call Patient Zero a sub-plot. A plot involves a story element that's developed in some way. Patient Zero is merely there so that the people behind this can say that they've made an attempt at expanding upon things. That's a lie. 
Cabin Fever 3 is the same old, same old, but repackaged with shiny new cover art. [Not Rated] 94 mins.

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