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Killer Legends - Review - #UrbanLegends

Killer Legends (2014) **
D: Joshua Zeman
Plot Synopsis: Delving into our collective nightmares, this horror-documentary investigates the origins of our most terrifying urban legends and the true stories that may have inspired them.

Review: Killer Legends takes us on a cross country trip to explore if there is any truth to four different urban legends, the forth of which, entitled The Killer Clown, isn't so much an urban legend, but a fear that people have of clowns, but never mind. That's not my issue with Killer Legends.

In the film, we watch as Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills try to gather the facts and speak to people who know what happened in these real life scenarios. Undoubtedly, Killer Legends is going to be a bit of a curio for some as we watch Mills and Zeman get to the nitty gritty of these urban legends, because, after all, these legends are a part of us. We grew up listening to them and passing these stories onto our friends and even our families. These legends resonate with us on a very personal level.

In the film, various historians, profilers and people who were involved in the real life versions of these urban legends are interviewed. They talk about these incidents, but (for the most part), they don't talk about why these events have such a significance to them. The same applies for Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills. Why have these stories connected with them in such a personal way that they are now trekking across the country to uncover the truth?

The thing is, Zeman and Mills aren't just tracking the real life sources behind urban legends, they are tracking down things that really happened to people and exploring the idea that things we're afraid of are grounded in some form of truth. These are real things, that are very real to people who have felt very real emotions. Watching Killer Legends, I felt like I was looking over a chart filled with analytic data. For a film that explores something rather personal, the film itself feels rather impersonal. [Not Rated] 86 mins. 

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