Monday, October 13, 2014

Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt - Review - @BrandonCSites / #FullMoonFeatures

Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt (2011) *
D: Charles Band
C: Erica Rhodes, Olivia Alexander, Chelsea Edmundson, Ariana Madix, Lauren Furs
P: A group of college aged girls messing around and having a good time while watching a cheesy horror movie have their fun disrupted when a piece of movie memorabilia comes to life and starts imitating the action in the very horror movie that they are watching.

On the surface, this belated sequel to Killer Eye seems like it should have been successful. It's got gore, wonderfully cheesy special effects, babes and, of course, perfectly tasteless nudity. So where did it go wrong? Part of what made low grade horror films so memorable for the fans out there was an endearing quality that came across. There was a certain joy to these films.

That's where this sequel goes wrong. It comes across as cold. It seems as though everyone is too perfectly aware of the fact that they are making a cheesy, low grade horror film. It's as though everyone is not giving it there all and sleepwalking their way through this production. It feels like everyone had something better to do and really didn't give a damn about the film at hand. Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt sounds like it should technically be an entertaining throwback to all those late night 80's horror films, but instead what comes across is a sense of contempt for its target audience. [Not Rated] 66 mins.

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