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Drive-Thru - Review - @BrandonCSites

Drive-Thru (2007) ***
D: Brendan Cowles, Shane Kuhn
C: Leighton Meester, Nicholas D'Agosto, Melora Hardin, Lola Glaudini, Larry Joe Campbell, Van De La Plante, Penn Badgley, Morgan Spurlock, John Gilbert, Sita Young, Rachael Bella, Edward DeRuiter, Jessica Landon
Plot Synopsis: Horror gets Super Sized when Horny The Clown, the demonic mascot of "Hella-Burger," starts slashing Orange County teenagers with his meat cleaver from Hell.

Review: When Scream debuted in theaters, back in 1996, it gave birth to a new type of horror film, a horror film that made fun of the material at hand. These films would eventually come to be known as self referential horror films.

Now, when it comes to self referential horror films, I don't have a problem with that approach per se. What I have a problem with is the execution. You see, a lot of these self referential horror films go about the material, at hand, in a condescending or hateful kind of way. If the people making the film, don't have their heart in it, why should I? With that said, Drive-Thru could have easily fallen into that trap, but it doesn't.

Yes. Drive-Thru is yet another self referential horror film. After all, the film's main antagonist is named Horny the Clown! But, instead of asking us (as an audience) to laugh at the material at hand, the people behind Drive-Thru ask us to laugh with them and to share in the fun of this ridiculous horror film premise. That distinction, in tone, is the world of difference between those other self referential horror films and Drive-Thru[R] 83 mins.   

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