Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wolves - Review

Wolves (2014) **
D: David Hayter
C: Lucas Till, Jason Momoa, Merritt Patterson, John Pyper-Ferguson, Stephen McHattie, Kaitlyn Leeb, Jennifer Hale

Plot Synopsis: A teenager trying to find out about his family history, stumbles upon a town of lycans.

Review: Wolves feels like the origin story in a comic book adaptation as we follow a teenager, agreeably played by Lucas Till, who discovers that he's part of a long line of pure breed werewolves. We get an idea of who the main character is, his wolf powers, how these powers are both a blessing & a curse, how he starts to come into his own & then the great evil force that our main character is going to have to face off against. 

The film creates an overall scenario and then allows it to unfold layer by layer. Since there's something new to discover, either character or story wise, Wolves will, at the least, hold your attention. For me personally, this approach results in a film that's both engaging and engrossing ....at least for a while. 

It's when the characters are faced with big questions about their existence or the lives that they've lead, that Wolves starts to cop out. Instead of trying to thoughtfully approach the inner dilemmas that plague the characters that we've become acquainted with, the film resorts to fight scenes, wolf transformation sequences and even an explosion or two. Now, I'm not against action scenes as long as they are in service of the story, but that's not the case here. You & I both know that not all of life's problems are resolved with people brawling it out to the death. I wish someone else had clued in the film's writer to that as well. [R] 90 minutes.

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