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Curse III: Blood Sacrifice - Review - @BrandonCSites

Curse III: Blood Sacrifice (1991) **
D: Sean Barton
C: Christopher Lee, Jenilee Harrison, Henry Cele, Gavin Hood, Andre Jacobs, Olivia Dyer, Jennifer Steyn, Zoe Randall

Plot Synopsis: A young American nurse is married to an African farmer whose family has been growing cane for generations. One day she mistakenly interrupts a ceremony of sacrifice causing a curse to be put on her and her family as a tribal magician calls up a demon to kill them. 

Review: For someone watching Curse III for the first time, they may find themselves surprised. It's competently made & acted. The score is effective. The editing keeps things moving along at a decent pace. The special effects, especially those involving the sea demon creature, are pretty good. So why only two stars? I'll tell you why.....

The story is far too simplistic. The film establishes the setting. It's establishes that the main characters are cursed after interrupting a sacrificial ceremony and, from that point forward, the characters not only run around in circles, but they run around in unnecessary histrionics.

Christopher Lee pops up in a small role to pretty much tell the characters that they interrupted an important ceremony and, as a result, they have to pay with their lives. The other characters already know this, the audiences does as well. It's just an excuse to feature Christopher Lee and to pad out the running time.

In another instance, they pad out the running time even further by having the final girl (played by 
Jenilee Harrison) visit an elderly neighbor and her grand daughter in an unnecessary and prolonged scene. I guess they had to give the main character something to do while everyone else is being slaughtered?!? Simply put, Curse III doesn't have enough plot to sustain itself.

I like the film's old school premise. I like that the sea demon creature is kept off screen until the end. 
I like that the people involved with this production took the material seriously, instead of resorting to camp. I'm not against camp, but it's too obvious of a direction with this type premise. I appreciate the general level of competency shown in the production values. Curse III: Blood Sacrifice had all the necessary ingredients to have been a good film, except for one thing - a fully developed story. [R] 91 minutes. 

AKA: Panga

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