Friday, June 26, 2015

Witchcraft (1988) - Review

Witchcraft (1988) *
D: Rob Spera
C: Anat Topol, Gary Sloan, Mary Shelley, Deborah Scott

Plot Synopsis: A new mother and her child move into her mother-in-law's dark old mansion. She soon begins to suspect that neither the house nor her mother-in-law are quite what they seem to be.

Review: From the get go, it's pretty obvious that Witchcraft is a ripoff of Rosemary's Baby. However, that alone shouldn't be the sole reason to dismiss a film. After all, there's been some fairly entertaining ripoff's throughout the years. The Burning was a ripoff of Friday the 13th. My Bloody Valentine was a ripoff of Halloween and both of these films were fairly effective. So where exactly did Witchcraft go wrong?

The film doesn't give us any interesting characters. There's no dialogue that grabbed my attention. The setting, a gothic mansion, doesn't possess any kind of quality that made me want to know more about the history surrounding the place. There's isn't any scenes of horror that made me jump. There's nothing unique about the special effects. The direction, the score, the performances, the editing, they're all rather bland. Everything about Witchcraft falls flat.

Witchcraft is not only guilty of being awful, it's guilty of being awful and boring. [R] 95 minutes.

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